Sunday, October 25, 2009

843 : There is a new emotion in the air (port)....rudeness

JFK indisputably has to rank as one of the rudest airports (I mean its staff) in the world. There are others which are inefficient (like Abu Dhabi or Oman), there are some which are archaic (like Mumbai till very recently), there are ones which are inconvenient (like the one at Calcutta)....but all of that is something I can live with....but "rudeness" in the service industry, and that too in America, from the very guys who taught us how to sell lemon to us "lemonades".....

The other thing is, this rudeness, the infinite amounts of red tape, the whole rigmarole around it....the trappings just seem to make "flying" such a traumatic experience. I remember 10 years ago, flying was "romantic", then it became "fun", then it became "so so", but "traumatic"...thats a new low...what next....Abu Gharib anyone?

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