Monday, October 19, 2009

838 : Social Recluse

I know this will sound very strange, it sounds weird to me as well…..but there are times, I am sitting a room full of people, and I feel completely isolated and alone (not “lonely”, that's still a strong word), alone and disconnected from the world around me…..almost as if, Alice woke up the other side of a reverie and exclaimed, “What am I doing on this side of the mirror?”.

It sounds romantic enough to be labeled as “Mehfil ki Tanhayee”, but believe me, at the moment of sunder….you realize how antagonized you are from the lumpen at large, and that my friend, is a distinct, “me” vs. “them” feeling.

Its almost as if, I am walking on two different worlds at the same time…..a single feet in either, but two feet in neither (don’t crib if these sound repetitive, its a personal blog, it better be narcissist :-))

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1 comment:

Vivekanand Kini said...

If you read the teachings (actually experiences) of Buddha. It talks about being in a state reclusion. But then it also talks about being in such a state only for joy and submission and not in pain.