Tuesday, October 13, 2009

826 : First preview ‘Tum Mile” title song, Neeraj Sreedhar

Confession…I love Neeraj Sreedhar’s voice. One of my fav songs (in my all time list) is “Aa Rahoon Mein” which he released in 2005. I can listen to it ad infinitum.

So, for me to like this song, is understandable.

Will give it a day, before I really post on it. Neeraj has sung it really well. Great harmony build up throughout the song.

Fun Fact:

Hum this song, and then hum “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys. You shall never know when one ends and the other starts.

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1 comment:

SSV said...

lolzz..nice fun fact!!. great blog by the wayy.... u shud listn to Tum Mile by neeraj sridhar ...FYI. thr r 3 versions of it.. n NOT all of thm r mellifluous ones though...take ur pick..