Sunday, October 11, 2009

821 : Milk floweth over…

My mom tells me that approx 30,000 litres of milk is used at Guruvayoor (and other equivalent temples) for Paal Abhishekam (cleansing the idol with milk)….and this is everyday.

I find that data point suspect and highly incredulous. Lets for sake of discussion, assume that this is correct. With that amount of milk, you can make about 3,00,000 cups of tea/coffee, or feed about 60,000 hungry children, or allow 15,000 calves to suckle on their mother’s milk.

My mom’s answer is, without this “cleansing”, the lord and the world would be a very difficult place. She almost classifies as “standard maintenance” of our lives….a la exercise, pranayam or shitty-potty.

My question is, if this is what you wanted me to believe in and subscribe to, then why teach me to think, why send me to an engineering school…. “why?”.

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