Sunday, October 11, 2009

820 : The ruminations of the temple cow.

A cow (fat and plump) stands chained to a tree outside the temple. The leash (chain) is short enough not to allow too much perambulation. A ton of its dung lies piled near its hind legs.

A lady with wads of hay/grass in a basket sits next to cow. Every now and then a devotee comes by, pays the lady Rs. 3, picks up a wad of hay and feeds it to the cow. The (completely bored and overfed) cow tries to avoid it, chews a few pieces of the cud, and the rest drops out from the corner of its mouth, near its feet. Un-interested, it makes no effort to pick it up again.

As the devotee moves into the temple, the lady, picks up the wad and puts it back in her basket.

Question is, is the cow happy or sad? Is this what you offer to your God? Would you happily swap position with the cow?

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