Sunday, October 11, 2009

819 : Wormhole jargonbuster 6 – “Greenwashing”

Usually used in the context of corporations presenting their products as green (and eco friendly), when they might necessarily not be so. E.g. a Monsanto creating GM products and then presenting it as “green”. (Read “Against the grain”, if you must).
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Current use:
You can “greenwash” any everyday data. So you can make your project look good by selectively presenting data, you can fake an orgasm and hence “greenwash” your bed life, you can “greenwash” your karma by choosing to go vegan (while continuing to work for Monsanto or Walmart)….you get the drift?

Fun Fact:
We all “greenwash” all the time. “Smoothening” a conflict invariably involves greenwashing. Like all other ethical debates, the question is not whether “greenwashing” is good or bad, its “how much” of it is good or bad, and where do you draw the line. The answer to that, is intensely personal, and lies deep buried in your choice of dharma…(and not your karma!!).

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