Saturday, October 10, 2009

805 : The bile spews over….

I used to be a very angry hot-headed type. Correction – I am a very angry hot-headed type. Its just that as a kid I used to mouth my frustration and ire…and as an adult, I just gulp it down and let my esophagus deal with it.

(On a side note, I feel a lot of the damage on my inside is because of this inveterate acid guzzling….:-))

Yesterday, for the first time in many years, I felt like “fucking” someone’s happiness. Its a very unusual, “un-aspired for” feeling in my head…..I actually hated feeling that way….. but I really felt like sucking life out of the crack jack bunny.

I thought, I would okay by today morning….Strangely, the “cheated” and angry feeling continues.

So what exactly did this person do? Nothing, actually. She just “cheated my trust”, and I felt “suckered”.

Is that worth its weight in bile?

Hell no, but then, I am probably, too low in the “Buddha” hierarchy to deal well with this sort of shitcake.

On a lighter note, my nephew is just as much of a little dragon as I am. In 5 years from now, we both shall compete for the “acid factory” at the dinner table. Even if I have lost my taste for the liquid, I shall compete with him tooth and nail….hopefully, (later) if he ever gets the joke, he shall (hopefully) profusely thank me for it :-)

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