Wednesday, October 07, 2009

797 : Rawsilk Sarees by Kali Das (New Tamil Poetry

Namagiri Paati always had
Rawsilk sarees in use.
One she wore,
The second spread wet
on the clothes line,
The third, dry and wrinkled
Hanging like a twisted coil,
In a corner.

Paati kept count of the old sarees,
Not discarded
Even when torn,
She would mend them
With worm-like stiches,
Her granddaughters would
Only thread the needle.

Like her washed sarees
She too would spread on our beds
And sleep by our side.

The rawsilk bedspread
Soft as paati
The sarees
With Paati’s complexion.

Rawsilk sarees will die
One by one;

Was Paati’s tenth day.

(Rawsilk Sarees by Kali Das, New Tamil Poetry,, translated by Dr. K.S Subramanian)

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