Tuesday, September 22, 2009

789 : The best of this trip….

Of all the temples, I visited this time, I liked the Mammayur Shiva temple the best….why?

In this temple, in the centre there is this big auditorium, in which a thin frail Mallu girl was singing “live”. She had a tabla and harmonium for company.

She was singing Krishna Bhajans in Hindi, mostly Kajri’s …the playful songs of Krishna.

Her diction was chaste (as in perfect)….her voice and mike control was precise, and her notes come out in perfect synchronization.

For me, this was easily the best experience of the trip. I definitely believe, its far easier to reach the “truth” if you follow your dharma and douse yourself in art. Music is definitely one of the easiest roads to finding the “truth”. Its neither the bhakti way nor the meditative way, its the 3rd way (in my opinion), its the Tao way, the way of experiencing “present” life to the fullest….and in that moment discovering (yet) another internal connect.

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