Monday, September 21, 2009

781 : Veg soap or non-veg soap?

Picture this.

I call house keeping @ Indraprastha hotel @ Palakkad.

Me : (dial 5) I need 2 soaps.
(a few minutes later, a bell my door).
A malloo usher comes in….as soon as I opened the door.
Usher : Yes sir…
Me : (gesticulating and adding in Tamil) Did you get the soap?
Usher : Yes, sir, veg or non-veg soap?
Me : (Perplexed and in tamil again) I asked for 2 soaps, did you get it?
Usher : Yes, sir, veg or non-veg (in malayalam), will get it soon.
Me : (at this point I freak out and say in tamil), I need soaps for bathing.
Usher : (in malayalam) Aah, sir, for bathing. I thought you wanted soup. (and for same strange reason, he now pronounced soup as soup, and not as soap).

What I found very funny was it appears in Indraprastha, the room service and house keeping is done by the same set of guys. How else do you explain, a house keeping guy ready to take an order for soups.

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