Monday, September 21, 2009

774 : Palakkad Nedungadee’s Saree Paradise + Hotel Ashok Bhuvan

My wife and mom bought Saree’s from Nedungadee’s Saree Paradise @ Sulthanpet (yeah!! thats how they spell it), Palakkad.

Its supposedly at least 50 years old, my mom remember shopping here as a kid.

The right after the shop hosts Ashok Bhuvan, which once upon a time used to a preferred family joint. My mom says that is at least 70 years old and the family ownership had not changed since then.

We ate there on the first night, did not find it outstanding.

My mom was telling me that she had come here to eat with “Lalitha aunty” (my favorite aunt, and immediate relative…she topped the list) and her hubby, post their marriage. She remembered the day so vividly and she was describing the day to us.

…nostalgia is a funny emotion, right :-)

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