Monday, September 21, 2009

771 : Incongruous Songs

At Elite (@ Guruvayoor) , day before yesterday,  during breakfast, they were playing Pankaj Udhas singing “Chalo Pee ley ke yaar aaye na aaye” from his album “Rubayat” – an interpretation of Omar Khayyam’s Rubayee(s).

On the same day, while we were exiting the temple and one of the audio shops just outside was playing “Su Chhe” from “Whats your rashee”.

The second one was crass and commercial, the first one was nostalgic and rare, but in both cases seemed very incongruous for a Guruvayoor setting.

What say?

(The first one is actually a very sublime song….sung and composed beautifully by Pankaj Udhas…..I heard it when I was around 16, never heard it after that, up until day before….but I still remember the key refrain…. “chalo pee ley ke yaar aaye na aaye, yeh mausam baar baar aaye na aaye….”

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