Monday, September 21, 2009

768 : Time stuck in a statis zone…

Yday, I had been to visit my first cousin (who is a full 28 years elder to me). She lives alone with her son in a village near Palakkad. I was meeting her after about 25 years, and had little interest in the re-union, and tagged along because of my parents.

They have a big house, 5 rooms each of about 200-250 sq feet, plus about 300 sq feet of a cow shed, 2 rooms for servants, and about 1000 sq feet of plantation.

I was so astonished to look at the state of the house. There were artifacts from an era I had forgotten. Some of the noticeable ones were
- A non-foldable, and yet Singer, sewing machine. Evidently not touched for years, yet occupying prime space in the main room of the house.
- A wall clock, “BIM BAM” was the brand name, with a large pendulum, which requires winding every 2 days….and it was still the primary clock in the house.
- A Solitaire Color Television…..must be at least 20 years old.
- 2 cassette players, neither of which will work now….they were at least 15 years old.
- The design of the furniture was archaic and unkempt to say the least.
- Suitcases and briefcases were clinging and jumping out of every crux and corner.
- A non-working fridge which is now used as a cupboard (If you find that funny, I used to have that in our Thane house, for the first 4 years of my life…a light blue colored fridge).
- A collection of Asian Paints containers all over the house – presumably to be used as buckets.
- A bajaj fan which must have been at least 20 years old.

I dont mean to judge her, in fact thats further most from my intention. I was just appalled at how much we allow clutter to collect around ourselves. If we cannot let go of a fridge gone bad, how do we ever imagine we shall die (and hence live) in peace.

As I was leaving the house, I felt a small lump in my throat, knowing this is probably the last time I am seeing her, and that I can do little or nothing to make her live her life better. Wanted to tell her, that we only live once, let the universe overwhelm you…..There is so much we can do to live a fuller life, and none of them require money, time or great health…..all it requires is one thing…to be “alive”, to be want to “a life”.

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1 comment:

=Tamar said...

It's sad to be attached, but I can understand keeping the non-working refrigerator. Most refrigerators seal very well, so they keep out insects even when they don't cool any longer. That's useful.