Sunday, September 20, 2009

766 : A 2 way street with each street thinking its a 1 way…

Some of my parent’s relatives and friends have been dropping by in the evening to meet us. Being the trophy child, wife and I me had to spend customary social time with total strangers.

I struggled to relate or make any conversation with these folks. Their priorities and lifestyles seemed so alien to me (and mind not, it was not big city vs. small city battle), it was values vs. values.

Example, one of the relatives spoke for about 10 mins on the merits of being an Iyer over a Nair (she is an Iyer married to a Nair, so she is supposedly the subject matter expert on this topic)…..for me….it was like WTF. From where I come, I could change my name to Nair tomorrow and no one could care (or even know).

Since I struggled so much with these folks, I forced a silent retreat, not talking too much, but still show customary participation. And then I realized, (almost in a moment of epiphany), that a few years ago (say 7), I used to crib that my parents don’t relate to my friends and my circle….They still don’t, but now it does not bother me at all…..but I could also see (yday), why this must be happening. They must be looking at few 30 year olds talking about a bike trip to Leh, while eating from the same plate, which also contains pieces of chicken….and must be wondering…WTF, how can they talk of Leh, eat food from a plate contaminated by chicken…. “such misplaced priorities and values”.

And we thought, generational conflict was only depicted in movies :-)

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