Saturday, September 19, 2009

762 : Sir, dosa will take a little time…

Today morning, Kash and I walk into the 24 hour coffee shop(of our Hotel) and order tea and dosa. The time is 6AM. The waiter comes out in some time and says in Malayalam, “Dosa will take time”, and I say in Tamil, “Cancel it.”

My wife is the optimist amongst us, so she says, “abbey, at least ask how much time, he cannot take more than 40 minutes, right?”

I tell her, in normal course, in Kerala, tea takes 20 minutes and Dosa takes 30 odd mins. ButI still ask the waiter in Tamil, “How much time"?” and he says “about an hour” without batting an eyelid.

This same order in an Udipi resturant in Mumbai would take 5 mins. I am ready to bet on that.

Is this what Einstein was referring to when he spoke about relativity.

(We are living at this place called Indraprashta in Palakkad, supposedly a 3 star hotel.)

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