Monday, September 14, 2009

750 : The power of being vulnerable….

All of us at some point or the other have dealt with tiny babies. Though we might have been tired, we have cradled the little ones on our arms and let them sleep, though we thought it was ludicrous, we drove an hour to purchase them a balloon, though it was 2pm at night, we happily let go of our own sleep to feed the little one.

And this does not stop with human babies….All of us chase pigeons and rodents out of our house. How many of us ever decide to abandon the tiny fledgling that these adults leave behind? The tiny rat is just as heart-wrenching as a human baby, isn’t it?

On an angry day full of road-rage, you might be tempted to graze past a loitering dog….but, what if it a puppy? Our screaming V6’s coming to a screeching halt…ABS kicks in on all our brakes.

The world conspires against all, in order to accommodates the little ones. Why?

Maybe because they are vulnerable, and we all know about it, and the interesting part is, they don’t make any bones about it. They are almost telling us, “I do need help from you, I survive on it, and maybe its that language of hope and nakedness that binds strings into the toughest of hearts.”

Strangely, this feeling of empathy, all but disappears, if you take either the “vulnerability” or its matter-of-fact-“acceptance” out of the equation. Look no far….the slaughtering of a hen, a rape, a cold blooded murder….all illustrate (the other side of)  my observation, that if you are vulnerable and you submit to it, accept it, and be comfortable and vocal about it, it might just get others to help you.

I should try this the next time I am alone facing a tiger :-) (Worst case, the end will not be very different).

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