Sunday, August 23, 2009

705 : Wormhole Jargonbuster – 4 : Box ticking

Background : “Box ticking” essentially means you are just literally ticking a box – metaphorically in a dumbed down form… get the drift. If you are “box ticking”, either you are doing something as a “formality” or you are doing something which requires no application of grey cells.

1. The manager for the finance team is nothing but a “box ticker”.
2. “Amit, why do you want to sign up for this job? Its nothing but a box ticking job.”
3. “How difficult can that role be. Raghav (your predecessor) was nothing but a box ticker.”

Fun Fact:
If you ever end up being referred to as a box-ticker, its time to move on, if you have any ounce of self respect. It usually means you have reached your half life, and its time to update your resume.
This word has only negative connotations.

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