Sunday, August 23, 2009

704 : Wormhole Jargonbuster – 3 : “Gaming the System”

Background : If in your corporate wormhole you hear people say “Game the System”, what that means is, “using loop holes in the system, or box-ticking, or doing things for the sake of compliance, in letter, but not in spirit….worse still using the “system” in such a way, that the end result is something leans towards the direction you want it to.

Usage :
1.“Amit, I just filled out our meal today as an official meeting and am claiming the lunch. I hope boss does not realise that I am gaming the system.”
2. “Amit, having too much problem filling out the recruitment form again. Why dont you just game the system, do a “save as” on one of the earlier forms, and you are done”.

Fun Fact: I am yet to see someone who works in a worm hole and does not “game the system” with full cognizance of the act. Most wormholes are very Orwellian, and “gaming” is sometimes essential to just survive through the day. We corporate shenanigans do all of this, and then crib about red-tape in gov offices, as if, under our skin we were any better off.

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