Sunday, August 23, 2009

701 : Are you out of the curve?

If you don’t fit into the standard curve of the world, you will be labeled as dysfunctional. It can either be a “hygiene disorder” or “kleptomaniac” or “hippie” ….or whatever slur suits and fits….bottom line, you are out of the curve.

I find aspects of this at complete cross-hairs. The very people who love Quentin Tarintino and Salman Rushdie will perversely fight very hard to stay within the bell curve. They will go out and pay a few million dollars at Christie’s for an avant garde, but kill their own instincts at paint and color in interest of a more stable “manager type” job.

Do we really believe that Salman Rushdie is part of the curve? Who amongst us can conjure up such vivid images as those evoked as Midnight’s Children, and then realise at the end of it, that this is but a figment of fiction? Who amongst us, can run an organization like Apple, and assume that the IPod is the product of a mind from within the curve?

Every innovation (good or bad), every deviation, every lateral thought, every insight (by its very definition)… usually completely off the curve.

And yet all of us, (and that includes me), crave for the comfort and the palliative security of the curve.

Its time for me to re-read Alan Watt’s Wisdom of Insecurity.

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