Sunday, August 23, 2009

699 : What is meditation

Meditation is not sitting in a lotus position and trying to “de-think” your mind, trying to make it blank. This kind of meditation suffers from the “monkey problem” – you are asked to think you anything at this instant, but a monkey, and the first thing that pops in your head is the image of a monkey. Similarly, asked not to “think”, your mind will  continue to think more.

Meditation could also be “sitting in a lotus position” in deep contemplation, if you really enjoy that, but not because Buddha or a book says so. Meditation is contemplation the way you like to do it.

What you do contemplate on….it could be anything…say a problem in professional life…... Contemplation allows your mind to deal with problems, ponder endlessly on them within  a focused scope, without anxiety or fear, and hence will allow your mind to see patterns and lateral solutions which otherwise your normal thought process would not pick up.

Its a fundamental drive within us, and our brains – its almost hardwired, that we want to decipher reality (the real underlying layers) within the world around us – deconstruct it objectively – rationalize it and move it. Not driven by a search for knowledge or expertise, but by rather the search for a greater uniting truth, a fundamental raison d'être……Meditation is our natural response to this hardwired desire.

If all of this shumbag is reasonably correct, I find it a little difficult to appreciate, why most of us shun it and resist our instinct to discover underlying patterns…..why do we find so much comfort at the gross layer and fight any of our natural desires to dig deeper?

I see that “insecurity” of losing grip on the gross layer, all around me, in both  people – personal and close, stranger and far.

Makes me really wonder, what is real – the “gross” world, or the world of thoughts?

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