Friday, August 21, 2009

697 : On days like today….

I want to sit in a corner with a laptop, a few fav books, my music playing in the background…..and thats about it. No conversation, no phones, no blackberries, no IM. Blogging is fine, the rest is interaction….which is what I want to avoid.

It happens quite often, quite a number of times in a quarter. I need this urgent need to detach myself from the world, resolve things in my own head, and then return back to “life”.

I think the genesis of this behavior lies in the fact that inherently I don’t greatly enjoy “traditional” social interactions. At this point all of them are either a function of professional or personal transactions. Given a choice, even with a baby, all I would do is hold him/her and stare into space – no words exchanged.

Sometimes, social interactions sap me out completely, and today is one of those days, I feel like a Roomba who has run out of charge and needs to totter onto the nearest charging station and park itself for the next 8 hours.

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