Friday, August 21, 2009

696 : The poet is dead, long live the poet….

Like a whole host of desi pseudo poets, I grew up feasting on Gulzar’s poetry and film lyrics. And then in the recent years, at least I, lamented many times, that the God called Gulzar was dying a lamentable death….a slow withering slide from the sublime to the saline.

And then….you hear Kaminey (I mean the title song). If this is not the work of a genius, I would like to know what is. Take a cuss word, and create magic out of it.

Vishal has sung it as if God inspired him to, and the composition is surreal (note the high and low notes as they twist, tease and tango tirelessly with each other).

This has to be without doubt the finest music of 2009, and I don’t think it will be unseated.

Go get it.

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