Friday, August 21, 2009

695 : One at you, three fingers back at me…

Sri and I were talking yesterday evening. One of the things he pointed out was, that every relationship, especially with children, tends to “change you” as a person.

He then went to elaborate, that you could as a person, either choose to go with the zen flow or you could resist it. Narrating his own experiences as a father of two, he said, he had consistently used it to bring out positive changes in himself.

Contrasting this, he said, that in the western world, unlike in the oriental-Indian context, its almost fashionable to resist the changes, within the garb of “individuality” or “independence”.

I actually thought the whole analysis and perspective was refreshing and insightful, almost as scathing a social observation as you can find.

As usual, the slap-stick mediator that I am, I was rewinding this conversation in my head all through the evening and night. And the more I thought, it struck me, I was his “archetypical” western guy living in an Indian Context.

And that my friend, was the oh-no-moment for me, the moment when you realize that you have inadvertently driven a hummer over a small baby. Aghast!!

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