Friday, August 21, 2009

693 : Is Dev D real? Hear it from Dev himself….

I was talking the other day, and I heard “ Dev D is such a crappy movie. How unreal Abhay Deol’s character is? Its almost like a soft porn movie”.

I agree with most of the analysis, except, that Dev or Abhay Deol’s character “ is unreal”.


Analyse this. Dev is a yuppie, an average joe born into a well-to-do household. He does not have the pressure to achieve the basic needs in life. He is above roti, kapada, makaan, internet and whatever else….so he focuses on sex and everything else in the maslow heirarchy (does Sex actually feature there? Screw balls…)

He has phone sex with his childhood love, reaches back to her and wants to marry her, and yet irrevocably gives it all up, just on the edge, because he feels she has betrayed him. Double sided hypocrisy at the extreme…..he himself has been completely licentious all the time…..and yet….

He courts (what appears to be) unhappiness for something which seems so trivial…he could easily choose the other side and live the “happy” life.  Which of us sane human beings would do that?

Get the drift?

Here is a person who “appears” to be

- A spoilt-has-it-all brat
- Does drugs, sex, and kinky flings
- Is a maniac depressive
- Is the archtypical idiot who loses everything in life, trapped in his own endless spiral.

Didn’t you see him that way. Let me tell you what I saw. A character who

- Wants to achieve his own little “greatness/success”, with his own little “values”.
- Is a weakling who struggles with his own “values”, and hence invariably appears to be a tome-of-hypocrisy.
- Who in his moments of valor, will give up everything for some “value” which he holds dear – just like a baby in the zen state(living in the moment). This character would rather deal with a 1000 problems later, than deal with himself (i.e. he against himself, if he compromised on a value).
- Who vacillates between the edge of madness and the bowl of saki – in his search of his own “greatness” – the moment of self-realization, of liberation
- He will appear in “tragedy” to the rest of the world, because he is squandered away everything – and he is indeed in “tragedy”, but for completely different reasons – he believes with every passing day, and every consummate mistake of his, he is moving further away from his “ideal”, his “greatness”, his personal “liberation” – and that dying realization is something he is not strong enough to sozzle down.

Between what appears, and what I saw, there is a big difference.

You still don’t believe Dev exists in real life. Well, for starters he is writing this.

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