Sunday, August 16, 2009

689 : In search of “The Guru”

Since childhood, I have been constantly seeking. What? I don’t know. A constantly evolving picture of the world around me, probably.

In this mind (less/ful) quest I have developed my own set of heroes…..mostly a set of discarded (and disregarded) set of fringe souls from the world, who by their written/spoken word, took control of the way I think, shaping along my life and destiny.

On the left tab, I have added a section called..”apostles of irony”, look up a few names, hope I can do my bit to make their work familiar.

I don’t have “a guru” in life, I have been lucky enough to have more than my share in that constituency, and that, my friend,  is why, when the blessings are counted, I will never yearn for another one (blessing) from this universe.

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