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687 : The science of human disease (Please read…promise you it will be worth the 5 mins you “waste” on it)…H1NI swine flu and the slime of human world views….

(A very radical post. Dedicated to my  sis and the two lovely little ones. (why….. because I don’t talk :-))  Read carefully and slowly, I really hope it will force you to think)

What is the human body?

A human body is an evolving piece of mechanical machinery, that has many moving parts and is held in fine balance, by a central governing body  (the brain and the non-voluntary parts – kidney, heart, liver, clotting, etc…..Can you force your heart to miss a beat even if we want to?). Lets refer the to the governing body as the “CPU” for brevity’s' sake.

The fine balance is usually a moving target, even for the CPU. Everyday, as your body’s parameter’s fluctuates, the CPU does the difficult job of balancing. So today if you eat more salt, it pumps that out, and tomorrow, if you eat less, then it uses up its reserves to raise the salt levels in your blood.

How many parameters does the head work with?

By last count, that could easily be about a hundred thousand at least– if you factor in the mineral content in your bones, the 1000 odd glands, salts, nutrients, water and the kind.

Do we know all these parameters?

Of course not, we human (idiot) beings know a few which can be measured and believe like ostriches that what can be measured is relevant – so a blood pressure, sugar, toxins in blood is all we care about.

What is a disease?

A disease is essentially a deviation in these parameters, which begins to impact normal working of the body substantially. NOTE : I did not mention bacteria, fungus or virus anywhere.

What happens in a disease?

A disease makes the body weak, and defocuses the CPU, which moves its priority from running a fine balanced system to getting it back to a normal state.


During such a defocused period, the body becomes vulnerable to attacks. By whom?

Are virus, bacteria and other microbes our enemies?

Absolutely not. If it were not for them, we would not be such clean and efficient organisms internally. Its those little things which keep cleaning up the muck and the mess inside. They are the ones which feed off your waste, just like a bird feeds off a tree and they are essential for us, just as a bird is essential for pollination of a tree. Its a you-scratch-me-I-scratch-you deal.

On an average there are at least a few trillion microbes in any healthy human body, and they include all types and shapes – including the poor ones blamed for common cold, diarrhoea, influenza and what ever else.

I sincerely believe, we all carry all of  it all the time…they are omnipotent,they are all around us.

Don’t believe me right?

Take a slice of bread….heat it in an electric oven for 3 mins at 450 degrees C, should ideally kill all organic living forms,( including the good nutrients in it). At this point, it is organically sanitised. Now take a clean plate, wipe it with alchohol and iodine, and lo you have a sanitised plate as well. Place this bread on this plate for 3 days. What do you see 3 days later. A layer of fungi. Where did this fungi come from?

Dig a shallow well in your garden. Fill it with water. Leave it for 2 months, replenish the water everyday or so. In 2 months, you shall have fish and moss and hazaar other creatures in it. Where do these come from?

Get the drift?

A defocused body containing virus and bacteria….. now, what happens?

A defocused body is a body out of the fine balance. Its almost as if the CPU is not active at this point, almost a dead piece of stone. To a virus or a bacteria it appears like scum or muck, and they start taking pieces away from the body – the process of decay – because thats what they do – they are the world’s janitors.

But, we know, by hindsight, that the body is not really dead, or ready to die, so it fights back, now attacking the very friends which it housed in its belly for so many years. These tiny friends are emotion-less warriors, fight back  they will. They fight, now attacking back for their own survival, mutate, attack our central nervous system (from where they innately know the attack is coming….makes you marvel at their intelligence, dont they?). And sadly, this is the stage where we classify this as a disease – a fundamental misnomer. (Refer above to my definition of a disease.)

Some of these battles you lose, some of these you win. If you lose, you die to a H1N1 or Sars or even common cold. (Google on how many people die to common cold every day.)

“Lets assume, I believe all the mumbo-jumbo you have said so far in this post. Now I have got H1N1,  should I eat TamiFlu?”

There is no one answer. In most cases, no matter how big the attack/defocus is, a strong body will recover on its own, and come out much stronger for future. It will realise how to not allow a lapse of parameters in future. This is what we call as immunity.

But if you are too deep down in shit, external help aka Tamiflu, might help you – though it will screw others, because the virus family will adapt to these chemicals within weeks if not earlier.

“So, are you suggesting a nihilistic approach, sit-and-wait-for-the-virus-to-fuck-me approach?”

Absolutely not. Few things you must do asap, and continue doing, H1N1 being around or otherwise.

1. Go run/play a sport,  or any other form of exercise. The body forces you to eat more post an excercise, and replenishes the missing nutrients faster (helps in the focussing bit)
2. Eat lots of vitamin C. Your original and natural form of defence against counter-attacks. (Citrus fruits or Vitamin C shots).
3. Stop un-necessary medicines completely. No paracetamol, ibuprufen, anacin or whatever shit. A headache or a fever is a representative of the body’s process of focussing again. You taking these shitty medicines stops/interferes with this. The headache stops, but so does the focussing exercise. Will you have a medicine again, if you clearly believed that you were stopping the process of healing, and instead of helping you, it is stopping the process of healing?
4. Chomp antioxidants like your life depended on it. Leafy tea (green or black), dark chocolate, fresh fruits, leafy veggies. (Avoid meat completely…its usually dead, unless :-)….and hence is full of open radicals). Drink fresh leafy tea and see your body quickly recovers from any mess.
5. Avoid looking at the body as if it were just composed of a few params like blood pressure, cholestrol or sugar….there are almost a million more. Unless you look at the body as a whole, and stop looking at it, as a set of discrete measurement params – you will always be diseased – because you are courting it all the time.
6. Drink tap water. A bisleri or Evian is your worst friend.

Fun Fact

If you survive with “common cold” do all the time(i.e. if you are perenially infected like me), then just chill and enjoy, your body already is slightly defocused, and more importantly knows how to deal with H1N1 or any other shit. In all probability you are completely immune from such an attack.

Further suggested reading

”Wisdom of healing” by David Simon.
”Perfect Health” by Deepak Chopra
”The food revolution” by John Robbins
”Perfect Balance” by Atreya

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End Note

If you are as notorious as me, you are also a die-hard sceptic. All I implore you is to read, and judge for yourself. I shall be very happy to preach to you, if you allow me to. You know how to reach me right :-) ?
(amitabhiyer at hot male ;-) dot kom….keen to hear from you)

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