Sunday, August 09, 2009

684 : Magic is…

I am not very into the 80-90s hindi music…in my (as usual) radical opinion, a lot of it was badly produced, and even more horribly composed (By now you know I am not a bump and grind fashionista)…..but the few ones I love, I can listen on infinite loop.

Today morning, I have been listening to

“Thodi Si Zameen, Thoda Aasman” from Zindagi Mere Ghar aana – Bhupinder + Lata.
(Bhupee Da is so amazing in this song……and the lyrics are poetry in motion)
”Naam Ghum Jayega” from Kinara – Bhupinder + Lata
(Bhupee is the wonderkid again)
”Aapki Ankhon Mein” from Ghar, Kishor + Lata
(I know hardly any one who says he/she does not like this song. It such a happy song.)
”Ab Ke Sajan Sawan Mein” from Chupke Chupke – Lata
(This is lovely sensual song and highlights the underlying (subtle) sexual tension – without even hinting about it (visually, aurally or otherwise)…..Time to lament an art that died!!)

Makes me feel nostalgic and goosey. On a related note, my brother used to love these songs (while we were growing up), does he still?

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