Sunday, August 09, 2009

680 : A sweet dream….

Wake up at 7.15 on a Sunday morning. Set water to boil for tea. Do your shitty potty (5-7 mins I presume). Rush back, get your tea ready. With a steaming (or steamy :-)) cup of tea, plonk yourself near your telly. Turn it on. Switch to “NDTV Good Times” and wait for clock to go clickety tock 7.30 and….

A show called “NDTV Good Times Road Trip” will kick in. A bunch of average blokes (and blokies…I mean females) like you and me drive on thumpers (Enfields) to Leh. (Here’s a prayer to the Lord from me…. Take everything I have, not just my left and right limb, let me ride on a bike once into Leh and then I shall happily die into the sunset….all forms required by you will be signed in triplicate :-)

Vicariously live a dream….Inhale the visuals, try and not feel jealous.

Have a 30 minute goose bump ride, and wonder why can’t every morning be like this?

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Hrishi said...

whats stopping you from doing this... Its really not a big deal...

Gotta Be Max said...

me too, me too, LEH* in my heart for a while now, hope to get there the next time I am in desiland. Check this out, its pretty interesting i say.

* - no pun was intended, may the poor soul rest in peace to rise one day against all odds like a phoenix and gratify our hearts