Wednesday, August 05, 2009

676 : Death by 20,000W of sound : Bhayank Maut 4th Aug at Hard Rock Cafe (HRC)

I had the fun (and joy) of seeing dear Vinay (Venkatesh), release his album at HRC yesterday, Bhayank Maut’s self titled album. (HRC is Hard Rock Cafe, Parel – outstanding food, great sound, awesome experience)

They play the “death metal”, Slayer-Lamb Of God,  kind of sound music. I am can understand and espouse familiarity with most forms of music, except for the one mentioned above.

More info at

The opening Act for the group was a band called Workshop, who played good music as well, though more easy on the ears :-)

Jokes apart, as an live act, Bhayanak Maut will rip most live acts apart, with their sheer energy and insanity. Where they might fail is as a CD.

I loved their live act.

More about Workshop at

Would I watch them again? Most definitely. Will I recommend you do? Yes, mostly unless you suffer from severe migraine like me :-)

Should you buy the CD? If not for anything else, for the outstanding (and funny) album art. Very well done jacket, sleeve and art.




Opening Act Workshop



IMG_0360IMG_0338 IMG_0341 IMG_0347 IMG_0355

In the act….



IMG_0350  IMG_0358 IMG_0383

Familiar faces at HRC




Inside at Hard Rock Cafe

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satish said...

hey amt, Chota Duniya hai.. Vinay n Deepa apun ka dost bhi hai