Friday, July 31, 2009

668 : Respect for the wishes and peace of the dying….

I remember recently, when someone close was passing away, all of us almost unanimously agreed that its far better to let him die in peace, than to have him studded with pipes, tubes and appendages all around. Life support and ventilator be damned…..Dying is a very personal moment, lets respect that process.

I think back hard, and recall the reactions of all were unanimous, everyone signed up for this, and felt very strongly for it.

And yet….today….

Picture this……I will come back and tell you to stick a band aid on your thumb, to stop smoking, to stop drinking beer, to stop listening to Eminem, to eat less…..and a thousand other things which you might fundamentally find repulsive or “anti (your definition of ) life”. Its your life, and nothing gives me the right or freedom to bump into it. For you, (possibly), stopping smoking is just as painful as having 15 strobes connected up your shithole.  What gives me the liberty and comfort to intrude upon you this way?

My dear friend, by definition,  you are still “living”,  unlike the case above, who was clearly classified as “dying”.

What amuses me in this dialectic is the fact that, we seem to have to have forgotten that we were all born dying. Aren’t we  are all dying all the time?  Death is not a discrete process (as we all objectively perceive it to be) but in reality, its a unarguably continuous process.

Its just that for some the process of dying is a matter of days, for some others, its a horribly prolonged 83 years and 11 days.

Respect the dying. Don’t force your thoughts and views down their shitholes. Let others RIP.

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