Thursday, July 30, 2009

665 : Jargonbuster - 2 : "are you on top of it?"

Background : "Are you on top of it?" is a way of asking do you understand every aspect of the problem in question, with all the latest updates on it. (It has nothing to do with sexual innuendo please!!)
1. World war II is on. Sonia to Manmohan, "Are you on top of it?"
2. Water cooler is not working. My boss to me, "Are you on top of it?"
3. Bulb not working in the kitchen. My wife "Amit, are you on top of it?"
Fun Fact
Getting on top of things, is now a corporate obsession. If you are not on top of your game (term for whatever it is you do), you are sadly going to be fucked anytime soon....The ridiculous-ness of this excerise gets into your skin at times. People at janitor levels want to be on top of the company's bottom line, and the CXO wants to know the number of wicks in the janitor's broom. Get the drift?

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