Wednesday, July 29, 2009

664 : Jargonbuster - 1 : "strategic" versus "tactical"

Background : These two words mean exactly two opposite ends of the spectrum. To do something for the short-term, means you are working on a "tactical" fix, and if you are doing it for the long-haul, it is termed "strategic". Usually anything above 12 months terms to classified long-haul.
1. Using Internet Explorer is "tactical", a more "strategic" solution would be if we moved all to firefox.
2. Ravan is an imbecile, but he is all we have, lets use him in the "tactical" term, Ram will eventually replace him as part of a "strategic" initiative.
3. Amit is very tactical driven, (a shrug of the shoulders as in to say poor fellow) he just cannot think strategic.
Fun Facts:
Invariably, there is nothing strategic or thought through in "strategic" work, except that we expect the utility of the task to run into 10+ months. Similarly, you might do a well thought utility item, but which lasts only 2 months and this will be called "tactical". So you game the system, by making the lifespan of the activity in question "appear" to be more than an year.

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