Wednesday, July 29, 2009

657 : On the road to hell…

33 is a age where you liked to be defined as “young, dashing and handsome” and not as a biased shit-hole wag.

Come 33, and I have figured I have become a flammable tinderbox, a walking cauldron of biases.

Someone I was speaking to the other day, consoled me, “only the strong-willed and heavy headed chaps develop biases”, what she meant was I was both “strong of opinion” and “brainy”.

Dil ke rekhne ke liye yeh khayal be acha hain” (Ghalib  says, “To suit one’s point, that is indeed a good argument”).

I honestly think it is too much self-indulgence…..its too much narcissism.

A bias in my opinion is nothing but a defence outpost. A ring you draw around your own weak points, a perimeter around your own shaky road, albeit a straight rocky road to hell.

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