Monday, July 27, 2009

654 : I am being observed

On the net, I mean...
Google tells me 30 people visit my site everday on an average for the past 1 year. More than 98% search for me on google and reach me, and they search for "amitabh iyer blog".

This to me is very perplexing. I could imagine 25 people searching for me in the first month (my entire acquantaince list adds up close to 30), but for some "30" people to do it day on day.....either I am really popular, or my audience does not know what a bookmark is.

I think I need to meditate under a tamarind tree on this topic.

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Hailshapes said... are being followed. I have been following your blog on a regular least a couple of times in a week. We don't get to communicate via other means so this helps! I noticed you have been watching quite a few movies lately!

Vivek said...

i google "Amitabh Iyer" to get to your blog... i do have it on my Favorites (IE has it as Favorites) - but it is a long list and not sorted/arranged.... So it is easier to type on the google toolbar and your blog is the first on the result set... lazy or efficient - i care less....