Monday, July 27, 2009

653 : Restaurants @ London

I have not travelled much of London, but in my limited stay I could make the following observations and ratings.
1. Tiffinbites - Good Indian food - served hot in dabbas. @ St. Paul's Cathedral & @ Canary Wharf. Rated 7/10. Has very good veg options.
2. Pret - A - Manger - Good fresh sandwitches - Has good hot wraps and soups at lunchtime. Rated 7/10. Its all over the place.
3. Wagamama - have eaten at the one @ Canary Wharf. Great healthy food. Lots of veggie options. Rated 9/10
4. Benares - Atul Kochhar's Michelin Star rated restaurant. Over-hyped and not at all VFM. Rated 6/10 simply because food was good, but very expensive. This one is near Regent Street.
5. Haz - The turkish joint. Ate at the one on Fenchurh street one. Turkish food not to my taste. Overall 5/10.
6. Soho Pizzeria - in the lane adjoining Hamleys on Regent Street. Remains one of my favorite place to eat. Rated 9/10. The best hand made pizzas I have eaten in my life, and I have eaten here at least 5 times over a 4 year period, so they are consistent.

More to come at a later date.

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