Monday, July 27, 2009

652 : What looks perfect, must be....

You look at a Ricky Ponting (or a Sachin) century and then you catch a VVS Laxman century.... You watch a Stanley Kubrick "Shining" and then you watch in 2009 remake of shining... You eat mummy's (or spousies) dal and then you eat restuarant dal.... You hear Pt. Bhimsen Joshi sing Raag Megh, and then you listen to Raag Megh in a Mahesh Bhatt movie.... Get the drift?

At a gross level, all looks perfect. At a granular level, they are light years away from each other. You cannot replace Kubrick's insane brilliance, even if we gave the best directors today unlimited budgets.

What makes the seemingly complete, incomplete? What makes you say, "This dal is perfect, but not like my mommy's"?

What makes you look at your "seemingly" perfect life, and say, maybe a red here and the blue there can make it a little more perfect ? We need to remember that perfection is never achieved, limiting factors will always kick in.

Points to ponder
- do we realise what the "limiting factors" are
- do we give up in the face of "limiting factors"
- can I define what "my" "perfection" is?

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