Wednesday, July 15, 2009

643 : Movie 26 : The Bucket List

Watched this Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman movie named "The bucket list" about 2 terminally ill patients who set out to experience everything they would like to "do" before they die.
Unlike most movies I end up catching, I enjoyed this one. There is a sense of melancholy mixed with humor.
I wondered what would my own "bucket list" might contain. Look to the left bar on this blog, a few sample items are already there.
One shocking insight out of this introspection (shocking even for me) - what I do in my everyday life is in no way linked to items on my bucket list.....Let me explain, "A Corner Office" would have been an item so much more in line with my daily grind.
On the other hand, my items seem disconnected from my "everyday". For example, to climb Everest, I need to be fit, am I working on that? Nah.....The story of my life, is it?
Coming back to the movie, I rate it 9 by 10 for being a honest, tongue in cheek and interesting movie which forces you to think.

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shuchika said...

my bucket list is similar. except the bike trip. i dont like physical discomforts

Hrishi said...

Deja vu!

I recently started implementing my bucket list, and now you write about it...
Must be contagious ;)


Prashant said...

very insightful man - this is what i would want to do.. my bucket list -
- learn guitar
- learn flute better - more formally
- trek - at least once every monsoon (any takers?)
- drive car all over the country (but a one than the one i have ;))
- take ian wright's job in a lonely planet - another thing which can be outsourced I guess :)
- Get thin (less fat at least)- start running again
- Become Chief Minister of a state (may be MP)

Planning to start with guitar.