Tuesday, July 14, 2009

638 : Am I a techie?

Was speaking to an acquaintance of mine, whose blog seemed to focus only on Java and the latest development in that language and libraries.

He seemed so genuinely kicked up about “Jersey”, “JAXP”…and the ilk. I gamely played on, until he commented on this blog. His point was “Amit, you have lost touch with your roots, you have forgotten that you like technology. You are now behaving like a “manager” (manager in India always has –ve connotations). Your blog has little or no technology at all. Are you not kicked by it at all? Why dont you follow latest from the Sun, Microsoft, Oracle stable – its fundamental to our business.”

Looking at it objectively, parts of what he said were true:
1. My blog is almost bereft of anything hi-tech.
2. I know more about the earnings estimates of Sun(now IBM) and Oracle, than their latest product offerings.
3. I dont track latest happenings in .NET, Java or any other programming language.

Question is, does that mean I not a “techie”?

I started programming when I was 10, worked my way through BASIC and C pointers and TSR (Al Stevens, anyone…). I chose my career instead of it becoming a force due to monetary causes. I really loved programming as a kid and even now. I like to go hack at it whenever I get the chance. I recently wanted to pick up the Lego Mindstrorm, so that I could do 4-bit coding again and “build it all up from scratch”.

Where I seem to have lost it, is what I call as “the familiarity premium” space. Today a techie is valued because he follows the latest in Java or .NET or Oracle, and not because he is a good coder or a good db tuner….which is kind of very sad.

I dont have any interest or passion in following a space for no real end. I would rather leave it to people who get a kick out of it. I have no desire to know more about Java or any other jack-bunny programming language.

I am more into video editing, music creation, photography, motor technology….and the whole gamut.

Am I suited for the industry I work? Don’t know. Over years, its become more mindless drivel and herd driven. Creativity is discouraged instead of being at a premium.

Am I a techie? I still dont know the answer.

What I do know, my blog will continue to be as is. Stasis.

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