Sunday, July 05, 2009

633 : The confused Buddha


My name means “Buddha of Infinite Light”. Well, thats where the similarities end :-)

I want to practise non-violence, but my life often makes it difficult for me to do it. I tried giving up egg, honey, leather and have returned to all of it.

Yesterday, I had a piece of chicken. What was going on within me? Confusion and a sense of spatial divorce (whoa!! figure that out!!)

I had got Pest Control done at my home a day before, must have killed around 800 bugs at least. I paid for it, initiated it knowing fully well that I will murder lives….

Would Buddha have signed up for this…never!!

This goes to one of the Zen Stories. A disciple asks his master, “ I am having to kill chicken to feed myself, but I would rather not kill the mother hen, who has potential to bless more lives…I would rather kill the baby chicks.”

The master pauses and thinks, if you do have to kill for meat, then kill an elephant. With one life you can feed a village.

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