Sunday, July 05, 2009

632 : Avoid the Yellow Fever (Review - The Yellow Chilli @ Powai Hiranandani)

Sri – Smi, Vivek, Vinod and Pratibha (and 3 motley kids) had all congregated at the “new do” (we are family men, so “do” never refers to a speak-easy) @ Powai……the esoteric (name only !!) “The Yellow Chilli”.

10 Reasons why you MUST visit “The Yellow Chilli” @ Powai

1. You like standard dishes served to you with exotic names, but with little else.
2. You like to order starters which never reach your table (We ordered starters, waited for 45 minutes, before we realised the order had mistakenly been not punched in…how convenient. And oh by the way, if you ask the host, “whats for starters”, he says, “we have aperitif”…ah!! minnows like me need to learn some french)
3. You like Margarita’s served to you warm and fuzzy…a la red wine @ 18 degrees or so.
4. You like Indian breads (rotis, naans, kulchas) served cold and rubbery.
5. Your little toddler hurts yourself, she pukes, the tiny one cries, but no help is forthcoming. (You are born alone, you die alone…so might as well, handle yourself @ “The Yellow Chilli”)
6. Managers in ties keep floating around only to collect cash and checks. (Cash is king, service is incidental).
7. You like going to restaurants where the your host cannot describe the dish, cannot pronounce it, and worse still has no clue that minor customization is the first cornerstone of a good desi restaurant (try asking a dish to be slightly more spicy.)
8. You walk into an empty restaurant (at 7pm), but they ask you to wait outside for 10 minutes, because they are “ preparing the table”.
9. Mint @ the end of the meal, will be delivered to your table, only if you ask for it. (Ah, the joys of eating Chicken Tikka and stinking there after).
10. You write a big “zero” in the “tip column”, and a big rant in the feedback form, and the manager reads it, smiles, says “thank you” and walks away. Buddy….take my advice, conversation (sometimes) helps.

Meal for two will cost 800, and it will be a watershed moment in your gastronomic history. This is your chance, go write the pages of  your memory….before this place closes down.

This is one heck of a memorable meal. I hope I live to tell this to my grand-children of its notoriety :-)

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