Monday, June 22, 2009

624 : Movie 25 : Last King of Scotland

last-king-of-scotland-poster-1 225px-The_Last_King_of_Scotland

One of the most intense movies I have seen in recent times.

It is superb is the depiction of the fact that a man in power is a man lying to himself constantly. It repeatedly demonstrates how Amin lives in a make believe world and rationalises his own actions in the guise of a greater cause.

Did I like it? I loved it.

Forest Whitekar as Amin, and James McAvoy as Dr. Carrigan, both are immensely brilliant in their roles.

The movie also seeks to touch the fickle nature of power and its associated need based friendships.

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Go watch it, 9 out of 10 for a great effort. It makes you wince, it makes you enter the live of Amin, and that as per me is the ultimate compliment for the director.

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1 comment:

Vinay @ said...

Yep .. I agree. This is a brilliant movie and definitely makes my top 10. As they say "once in a lifetime", this was Forest Whitaker's best and he fit the bill perfectly.