Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post 614 : Racial Slur

I am surprised at the outrage against the Aussie “racial” behaviour with respect to Indian students.

Its not as if racism is an alien concept to us? We deal with it daily.

Would you eat at a local “Rambharose Hindu Hotel”? Will you be ok if your daughter marries across community (green vs. orange)? Don't you suck up to white skin all the time?  Will you share your cafeteria table with your janitor? Why would you greet a mere acquaintance with a broad “good morning” but completely ignore your apartment’s watchman (security guard)? I come from the IT industry. Why do we all push all our antennas up, when we are hiring “gultis”?

Get the drift? Discrimination based on sex, race, creed is fundamental in our DNA. We are living in a glass house, and what is the age old advice about “throwing stones”.

Meanwhile, we will hope Dhoni and his team take revenge on the Aussies in the ICC T20.

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1 comment:

Prashant said...

all that is correct and i agree with you 200%. Only thing is that we dont beat the watchman, or a gulty because they are what they are. The racial discrimination is more abstanance rather than agression.

So if i do not say good morning to my watchie, i do not. Now whether that is right or wrong is a different thing, but if i start beating up watchman because he came infront of me while i was leaving for office - thats worse.