Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post 613 : We are all just one step away from happiness, all homes are short of just one more room…

Have been through an upheaval in the past 2 months. Whats this “upheaval” been about? Put it simply, I am 33.


“And”, nothing really, its just that 33 gone and my life looks like a mid-summer’s dream – its neither here nor there. Is this what they call a mid-life crisis? Am I bored of my life, either personal or professional?

Facts first
1. I am one among the lucky few, who truly enjoys my job. I like it, and would be incomplete without it. Could I something else? Of course yes, but that does not take away the fact that I have fun during my work day.
2. Somewhere along growing up, I acquired this “truth” – that a life that does not touch the zenith, is not a “life” at all. If you are not a Picasso, or a Beethoven, or a Warren Buffet, or a Buddha – you have not even scraped the sublime mystery of your cells. To live is to elevate – to fly – to go beyond everyday – to connect with the “larger unsaid” which we commonly call as “beauty/art/craft”. In my head meandering along has absolutely no merit, if you walking or running to a destination – well, thats another matter.
3. I am not a “normal” guy. I am (very slightly) disadvantaged in terms of health, slightly advantaged in terms of upbringing (too much freedom – was allowed to float around), and veer towards the weird – A book of poetry, a brilliant rendition of Raag Marwa, a sublime photo of the ripples in water, all of these give me more joy than “normal” things. Am I old-worldly –maybe yes, at least I sound like one.

So where is this conversation headed?

I am 33, and nowhere close to the zenith. It does not appear that my current path is leading me anywhere in that direction. And that, my friends is the root of the beast. I dread to be dying anytime soon…..

(- Title from a couplet by Javed Akthar)

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shuchika said...

thanks for blogrolling me. i like this post very much. its strainght from the heart.

wrote something similar

Amitabh said...

Ek Thali ke Chatte Batte....

mr bojangles said...

chill, not being at any zenith is really okay - when you really think about it, there's nowhere really to get to. one only regrets not having spent one's time wisely. so try spending each moment so that you won't regret it later.