Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post 609 : Life is a lesson, you’ve learnt (it) when you are dead…

My strategy of going onto cash murdered me. My erstwhile portfolio has surged another 50% from the point I exited, pre-election.

Its a whipsaw, you lose most of the times and win when it least matters :-)

I hope to make it all back. I am down, but not out!!

(Feel like a complete jackass!!)

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Gotta Be Max said...

Chhota mooh, badee baat...Well, you feel like a jackass because you now have the benefit of hindsight. Given the data, anyone can look smart.

At the point you took your decision, there was sufficient uncertainty in the markets. If there was no stability, the markets would have not been hitting a home run, they would have headed for your home town.

Don't beat yourself. Remember the few rules of the market
- You are as good as your last trade
- On average, everyone does average
- Trust your instincts, thats the best you have
- Greed is good, but do not forget the fear.

Happy Investing

Amitabh said...

What you say makes absolute sense, but not after you have seen a 60% oppurtunity loss. I am still the proverbial jackass :-)