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post 601 : Redux (I surrender my right to vote)

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Quite a few zealots are writing into me – panning me for my post.

A few observations :

1. With the 10-20 odd conversations I have had with people on this topic, I am not surprised almost all the counterparties invariably said “We must vote”. It is fashionable & politically correct to say that. (Its very akin to having a debate on honesty vs. fibbing, invariably all will say “honesty” is the way to go….who wants to sound ethically bankrupt).

2. Taking point 1 ahead, its important to distinguish between what is politically correct and what is pragmatic. We all bribe pandus (at least I always do) – in my 16 years of driving, I have been caught 8 times (5 on the bike, 3 on the car) and have always paid 50-100 rupees and escaped the red tape. Do I think it is “correct”, of course not, will I still practice it, “of course yes”. Why? because I am more worried about the 1 day of productivity I will lose at office. Yes, I will have to spend 1 day at the RTO. Had it been a 15 minute process and having 5-6 service points across the city, I would always prefer to take the “correct” route. Anyone who has been to the RTO office will tell you, that without “grease” its difficult to even reach the right counter.

3. Its fashionable for zealots to say “You are part of the problem, do your bit”, and then another zealot added “you think 33% taxes are enough to exempt you from your duties””. Look buddies, I don’t/can’t scream histrionics like you do, but hear me patiently, if you will. I believe in capitalism, in the innate virtue of selfishness, and the necessity of each cog to function properly.
I work in the software industry, do I continue to tolerate an inefficient coder in my team beyond a point, no I don’t. Do I take shit from my manager long enough, no I don’t. In both the cases, I dont step into their shoes, I either move on, or I replace.
Just because my house-cleaner does not clean my house well, do I start cleaning up, without rejecting her completely.Of course not, I give her/him sufficient warnings and then the boot.

4. Last zealot argument, “vote for the lesser evil”, yeah right, “and bees and birds deliver babies!!”.
Come on, buddies, what is to choose between a Jaya Prada and Azam Azmi, or between a Sadhu Yadav and Mukthar Ahmed, or between Manmohan and Advani. Will any of them work for me, will my voice (anti-reservation) be heard at all, will my life be any more secure, will POK issues be resolved, will Kasab be hanged…..

You folks are deluding yourself. Its time we accept things we can fight, and things we cannot. Just as, we cannot change our heights, or our parents – we cannot change the environment. I repeat my favourite question, look around you on the floor “How many people do you think have the same issues as you?”. If the answer is “many”, you are lucky, you are part of the lumpen, then you must vote. Me….an earthbound misfit, I.

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1 comment:

Vinay @ said...

I think most of us vote so that status quo is maintained and to ensure things dont go from bad to worse ..

almost like RTB (keep it running as it is).. no one bothers or cares about CTB :-)