Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Post 599 : He looked at the balls…and then he smiled!!

Picture this : I am in the men’s room, here enters this Surd (Sardar) who is getting into the act of peeing. Within a few seconds (as he gets into the act), he starts singing in a loud (really loud) voice (I think it was the Gazab song from Bips-Neil Mukesh starrer “Aa Dekhen Zara”…not sure, “think”….).

So far the scene is startling enough. I don’t comprehend this (situation) well(enough), “How do you pee and sing at the same time”, that too with a club song, which, though you are (just) mumbling aloud, (but) in your mind it is playing in 24 track with the thumping bass, making your whole body (and the pee trajectory) sway.

I am telling myself. “Ha! That’s an unusual…thats kinky.”

By now, I am curious enough to turn to (try and) look at “the face”, to figure out the source of my mirth, at the same time being careful enough not to trespass on his modesty. What I see next completely (searching for an adjective…after a lot of thought….)  befuddles me.

The guy is smiling, (yes, I mean a broad grinned smile), and he is looking down on the “little one”…How weird is that….whoever smiles while peeing.

To clarify (for non-males), male-peeing requires focus, attention and a complete body posture stability. It requires you to set your mind on the act, get it done, take a sigh of relief, zip up, detox your hand and quickly get back to life.

Where is this post going? I don’t know. Just that singing and smiling while peeing is a very alien concept to me.

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Viji said...

I have heard of Pay and Piss but Sing and Piss ?? hmmmmmm

Gotta Be Max said...

I must say that the song that he chose was apt given the situation. :D

Loo psychology is pretty interesting i must say