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Post 597 : Human Willpower. How Amazing. Petronas

Sri and Smitha (Srikanth Ramasubramanian & Smitha Shetty), Vivek (Menon), wifey and I were having this heated debate on whether “Lance Armstrong training a week after a 5inch metal was inserted into his shoulder” is plain mad or is this what is called “willpower”.

Nike Sportswear Lance Armstrong Launches Stages -qyLF8kGBDLl

I argued ferociously that willpower is all that we live by….and anything but victory or completion, is equivalent to “death” – I am sure Lance thinks like that. His battle against cancer, his heroics in Tour de France are not just legion, but are superhuman. I have said this before and I say it again, between a million dollars in the bank and successfully (and comfortably) running the 42k marathon, give me the later any day. I want to run 42k before I die. (Will I? Well, thats another digression!!…I also want to climb to the top of Everest…my wife says “yah! yah! and you are build of Krypton Mortar!!”)

Sri’s point (and fairly logical one at that) was, when you train 7 days post a shoulder bone breakage, you need be classified as “obsessively mad” – a journey (that according to Sri) goes to no end. “Its just as meaningless/crazy to an outsider as it meaningful to Lance” .

I posed this to myself:
1. I am practing for the Tour De France.
2. I break my knee bone.
3. Will I stop and give up training this year, and hence ensure that I can compete for the next few years? Or will I, endure all, go give it a shot, risk permanent injury and never again drive in Tour De France

Honest answer:
1. I will just all out this year. For me winning this year is more important than winning in the next 5. They will take care of themselves, if I am alive. I sincerely believe, life is too fragile and on-the-edge to plan for the next 5 years.
2. Thats how I am, rolling, living on the edge and believing that “the end” is never more than a probability event away from you.

Is this obsession? No? Is this approach crazy? If you define “crazy” as anything outside standard deviation, then it bloody hell is.

Lastly, two quick ad-lines:

1. Adidas screaming “Impossible is Nothing”…and hell, I really believe that. Everything is possible for a cost. Question is, can you afford it?
2. In the recent Sepang Grand Prix, saw the Petronas TV ad – it shows 2 pugilists (boxers) in a the death of a match. They are both battered, bleeding with swollen eyes. One of the boxers hammers the other on the cheek – a fatal right…..the other one collapses onto the floor of the ring. The refree starts counting. The camera pans on the face of the fallen boxer and shows the “counting fingers” from his blurred vision. He can hardly see. “Imagine being subjected to 5-g G forces”.
Cut to a next scence where fireman are fighting raging fire. The copy says “ Imagine being inside a pressure cooker at 50 degrees”.
Cut lastly to a chopter rescue mission on the high seas, where a person jumps into the deep sea. Copy says “ Imagine your heart rate beating at 210 bpm”

Then it pans out to a Williams car running on the Forumala1 Track “That is what a Formula One Driver goes through”.

Final Copy "Human Willpower. How Amazing."

Gives me the goose pimples!!

The Petronas Ad at.....

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