Saturday, April 04, 2009

Post 595 : Brilliant Airtel Ad (Dil Ki Baat Bata Kar Toh Dekho)


Gives me goose pimples, every time I see the video. Its brilliant!!

Nigahein nigahoan se mila kar toh dekho.
Naye logon se rishta bana kar toh dekho.

Hasratein dil mein dabane se kya haasil hoga,
Apne hoanth hila kar toh dekho.

Khamoshi se kab hoti hai khwahishein poori,
Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho.

Jo hai dil mein use kar do bayaan.
Khud ko ek baar jata kar toh dekho

Aasmaan simat jayega tumhare aaghosh mein,
Chahat ki bahein phaila kar toh dekho

Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho

Picked Translation from

(I actually think this is an amazing translation!! Really brilliant job)

Hold that gaze , Do linger a while
Make a new friend ,By sharing a smile
Ardent desires ,Struggling for voice
Unshackle your lips ,That the heart may rejoice

Give life and expression ,To the song in your soul
Let yearnings see light ,Don't fear losing control
The sky with its bounty ,The world with its charms
Is yours for the taking ,So spread wide your arms

Let your heartbeats play out ,Their tune without guile
And between two hearts ,You'll have traversed a mile

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