Saturday, April 04, 2009

Post 589 : Movie 23 : Ghajini (How mindless can mindless be?)


This has to Aamir’s response to Drona ( Its the most inane, idiotic movie I have seen in the recent past.

Wait a minute….

Its not really like Drona. Drona at least tried to have a plot, and in that attempt provided some hilarious moments.

This one can take you towards slumber as easily as Calmpose.

Things I hated (not dis-liked…note the word is hated):
1. Asin is a complete washout. In my opinion she is neither gorgeous nor is she smart. I think she comes from the cow family (especially her expressions and asinine (or bovine) hamming).
2. Aamir Khan 6 pack is gruesome….it makes you want to eat Lays and Amul Shrikand….give me love handles any day over this grotesque physique.
3. If Asin is a cow, Zia Khan has to be from the dodo family. No expressions, no acting, no remote attempt at looking gorgeous. She zombies her way around even while hamming. (I think Mr. Murgadoss measures hamming as a competence during screen test…most of the screen cast here are toppers in the score…average 7+ out of 10)
4. The nameless (jackass) of a villian…who is neither scary, nor is funny, nor is iconic, nor is menacing….infact he is just a robot who utters some inane dialogues.
5. Rajni style fight scenes look good on the ‘King"’…leave the man his genre. We don’t like the sight of a man spinning 20 times in the air, getting the elevation of a missile and land 10 metres away. I think that only looks good in a Rajni movie….Not when a tiny Aamir knocks a punch with his left hand….
6. Aamir bhai…whats with the constipated face in the happier avtaar as well (in the film that is). … it piles or hammeroids or fissures or a plain case of botox!!
7. Absolute lack of a screen play, characterisation. I am sure Murgadoss, while smoking pot (on the pot),must have thought “who needs a script, screen play, characterisation when you have a dumb bimbo, a over-acting femme and a 8 pack ugly bald man!!….this will sell, this is what my audience wants, lets give it to them!!…fuck the rest of the movie-making process!!)

Things I liked:
1. Nothing…. read my lips….N O T H I N G…..not even the over-done AR Rahman music and under-sexed Gulzar lyrics.

Another wasted 3 hours of my precious life!! Rating 2 out of 10.

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