Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post 578 : The tables have turned…

Was cleaning my refrigerator today…It has over 5kgs of various nuts stocked in (dry fruits….cashews, almonds, pistas and the ilk)

I remember as a kid, I used to drool on dry fruits. We almost never had it at home and if we did, then mom would ration it. All of it was perfect in the context that cashews and almonds were beyond our means and yet… parents treated us to it whenever they could.

But the keyword for me is “drool”, I used to love to munch on both cashews and almonds.

FF >> (fast-foward) 25 years. I have 5 kgs of dry fruits in my refrigerator, and my wife is constantly coaxing me to eat a few pieces daily for my better health (which I invariably never do).

Unlike my childhood, in case we we finish this stock, we can always go in and pile in again. Fortunately (felt strange using that word), we can afford it comfortably today.

How ironic is that….

The same applies to television – we used to have 2 crappy channels and my dad vociferously rationed that experience for me (and I thank him dearly for that). Today I have a huge LCD, 200 channels and yet I only switch it on out of boredom, its never out of excitement, or catching the next of a series. Its a just in time “time killer”.

The more I think of these examples….only one word rings in my head.

“Leh”….Time to GO!!

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